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Be it the supremely powerful America or the dilemma-plagued African states, it is primarily the youth of a nation that forms a concrete bedrock for the achievement and prosperity of a nation. The reins to turn the country around rest with none other than the strong hands of its young generation - its young blood.

The same goes for our beloved motherland, Pakistan.

Pakistan along with its envious strategic location and a plethora of natural resources possesses another exceedingly important resource, a resource that is oozing with power and determination and overflowing with ambitions to make Pakistan a better place to breathe in. The human resource of Pakistan.

Now let’s take a brief trip to the past. Over the last 64 years of independence, Pakistan has duly witnessed the results of young blood boiling within its youth. With worth appreciating youngsters who have succeeded in taking Pakistan to a newer level altogether, victories were made.

Battles conquered. Dreams fulfilled. Stars touched. Skies reached.

Given the fragile state of the nation today, one wonders if the Pakistani youth is doing enough for their mother country. Are they fulfilling the responsibility of taking Pakistan forward?

With this question in mind, I researched for a couple of days, emailed tens of people, particularly youth icons and university students, interviewed some and finally came across some inspiring individuals with admirable endeavors to steer their home country onto the way of advancement.

Keeping in mind the dire need of education, we have the Sooch Welfare Organization, which educates and grooms underprivileged children and provides them with an environment that could mould them into enhanced citizens.

The Sooch team at work – Photo courtesy Sooch Welfare Organization

When the president of Sooch, Rabbiya Abdullah was questioned about how Sooch came into existence, she said that they always noticed people who didn’t even have the basics around...
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