Donating Blood

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1. Vacancy Information
Vacancy Announcement: 14CS1-WIX0245-0962-05-CA
Series: 0962
Grade: 05
Location(s): Saint Louis, MO, US
Veteran's Preference: NOT A VET

2. Personal Information
Telephone 1: Mobile - 3144845755
Telephone 2: Evening Phone - 3144842529
Telephone 3: Day Phone - 3144845755

3. Eligibility Questions
*1.Are you a veteran who was separated from the armed forces under honorable conditions after completing an initial continuous tour of duty of 3 years ( may have been released just short of 3 years ) ?

Answer: No
*2.If you are a male at least 18 years of age, born after December 31, 1959, have you registered with the Selective Service System (select “Not applicable” if this question does not apply to you)?

Answer: Not applicable
*3.Are you a current Federal employee?
Answer: No
*4.Are you a current Federal employee serving under a Veterans' Recruitment Appointment (VRA)?
Answer: No
*5.If you are a current Federal employee, by what agency and organization are you employed?
Answer: Not applicable
6.If you selected "Other", please enter the agency and organization. Answer: NA
7.If you are a current Federal employee, what is your duty station? [City, State] Answer: NA
*8.If you are a Federal employee, under what type of appointment are you currently serving?
Answer: Not applicable
*9.Are you a current or former Federal employee with reinstatement eligibility? Answer: Not applicable
10.If you are, or ever were a Federal civilian employee, indicate the pay plan of the highest graded position you have ever held. (2 character maximum) Answer: NA

11.If you are, or ever were a Federal civilian employee, indicate the grade level or pay band of the highest graded position you have ever held.
Answer: Other
12.May we contact your current supervisor for a reference?
Answer: Yes
13.Are you a retiree receiving a Federal annuity, either military or civilian? Answer: No
Note: If you are an annuitant, your salary or annuity may be reduced upon employment.

*14.Have you accepted a buyout from a Federal agency within the past 5 years? Answer: No
*15.Are you eligible for an excepted appointment under the Federal Employment Program for Persons with Disabilities?
Answer: No
*16.Are you eligible for noncompetitive appointment under a Special Appointing Authority (this includes employees covered by an Interchange Agreement)? Answer: No
*17.Displaced/surplus employee information:
Answer: Not applicable

4.Vacancy Questions
Grade 05 responses
To be eligible for this position at this grade level, you must meet the requirements below.

To qualify for this position at this grade level you must have at least one year (12 months), or more of specialized experience: Specialized experience is experience that is in or related to this position and provided you with the particular knowledge, skills and abilities to perform successfully the duties of this position. The experience may have been gained in full time positions conducting face to face and or telephone interviews, researching public records or guidelines, resolving problems and issues, and explaining the requirements placed on them by laws and regulations.

Specialized experience may have been gained in work with records, documents or financial accounts which involved applying established rules and procedures. Experience may also have been gained through work in customer service positions that involved frequent contact with the public, and may have involved researching and/or adjusting customer accounts.

Specialized experience is characterized by the scope and level of difficulty of the duties performed and must be equivalent to the GS-4 grade level in the Federal Government.

The following are examples of specialized experience that may be qualifying and may be used as a guide to assist you when answering the next question. Please note that...
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