Donating blood

Topics: Rhetoric, Critical thinking, Proposal Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: March 4, 2014
Major Essay #2 (Advocacy): Here’s What’s Important

focused and appropriate in scope for the assignment’s length framed to allow for research-based advocacy. The essay must actively recommend a policy, action, or course of action and must explain the real-world implications or likely consequences of the actions you propose.

a “hook” that captures the audience’s attention. This might be an image, an anecdote, a story, a quote/epigraph, an irritation – something that orients your reader to why your proposal is important enough background information to orient your reader to your topic. a thesis that advocates: it should clearly identify some problem and compellingly propose some solution. A strong thesis will address the significance of the proposal you are advocating.

organize thoughtfully to draw your reader into your argument and to sustain it use description – enough to orient your readers but not so much as to bore or overwhelm them. demonstrate understanding of others’ arguments before moving to your own arguments and opinions. You will use rhetorical analyses of others’ arguments only as they help and support your own arguments. Stronger papers will use the sources to develop your own argument rather than simply summarizing the arguments of others. reveal and develop new evidence, evidence not mentioned by any of your rhetors, if you can. If this is not possible, make sure that you emphasize in your discussion of your rhetors’ arguments which evidence you see as most credible and as most supportive of your own argument. You should also address evidence put forth by your rhetors that contradicts your argument and explain this contradiction you that the strength of your argument is preserved. link the points you cover in your body paragraphs back to your main argument.

re-state main points from essay as a whole
reflect on some broader implications of the essay, the “so what” question. This...

Citations: & REFERENCES
complete and properly formatted—include not only the rhetors you specifically review, but everyone from whom you got evidence that you have cited in this essay
clear and crisp sentences; avoidance of run-ons
correct syntax and grammar
a distinct style that suits your rhetorical aims
humor, liveliness and creativity are always welcome!
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