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1.0 Introduction

Who is Donald Trump? This is the individual assignment that has been given to us for Organizational Behavior class. I have chosen Donald Trump as my inspirational idol because he has been a trough up and down in neither the business nor the entertainment world. Donald John Trump was born in 14th June 1946 in Queens, New York. He is an American business executive, author, television personality and entrepreneur. Trump Organization is his company and the company is based on real estate developer in the real estate market. Beside that, he is also a founder of Trump Entertainment, which set up for gambling casinos. Donald Trump started his study at Kew-Forest School in Forest Hill, New York. He then get transferred to New York Military Academy (NYMA) and scored well in the NYMA. After he finished his high school, he continued his study to Fordham University for two years. He then transferred to the Wharton business School at University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 1968 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a concentration in finance. Ivana Zelnickova Winklmayr also known as Ivana Trump is her first wife and together they endowed three children, which are Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric. Unfortunately, the marriage were not lasting. They were divorced on 1992 and the next year, Donald Trump married again with Maria Maples and gifted a child named Tiffany. And yet again, the marriage doesn’t workout. He then married with the third time with Melania Knauss and they got a baby boy named Barron William Trump.

2.0Traits and character
2.1Behavior of Donald Trump
Donald trump is an inspirational kind of person. There is an incident where it happened in 1995, on the Christmas holidays which Donald Trump and his wife; Marla Maples went for an occasion. All of a sudden, they had a flat tire on the busy section of the New Jersey highway on his limousine. After they marooned in their limo, one kind hearted man offer his service to help Donald Trump’s chauffer to change the flat tire. After they finish changing the tire, Donald Trump and his wife thank the man and Donald Trump ask the man how to repay his goodness? The man replied, “Just send my wife a big bouquet of flowers”. Knowing Donald Trump, he will do the extraordinary effort on everything that he does. Donald Trump and his wife send extremely large floral arrangement of orchids arrived on the man’s house. Not even that, on the card of the extremely large orchid, he stated, “We paid off your home mortgage”. This story has been written in the Forbes Magazine.

Donald Trump doesn’t just have the golden touch for business; he also has the heart of gold. Like this story of Jennifer Hudson, Donald Trump has provided her and her family with free of charge staying at the International Trump Hotel & Tower in Chicago. This is because her mother, brother, and nephew were brutally murdered. By giving the place for her to stay, she will be more comfortable and safe while Donald Trump protected them by giving free safe place to stay. The People Magazine has written this story.

Donald Trump behaviors can relate with The Big Five Model of Personality Dimensions, which are extrovert, agreeableness, consciences, emotional stability and openness to experience.
2.2Donald Trump’s...
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