Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Human, Thought Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover
Have you ever been judge just from your appearance? Well I have, so many times. I believe that everyone shouldn’t be judge by their looks, get to know them first. Everyone must have at least heard the quote, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” because it’s just the same thing, don’t judge a person by its appearance. People have been judge by their race and who they are. You should at least ask, or get to know them first before you start saying something. All around, I hear or see, most Asians are being ask by this question; “Are you Chinese?” Just because I’m Asian doesn’t mean I’m Chinese. Asians have a lot of different race that I can’t even name all of them. People would come to you and say something in a different language. You’ll say something back like, “Hello, I’m not Chinese,” or “Hello I’m not Korean.” Well whatever language they are trying to say to you other then your own language. To me, I think they’re just making fun of you because they have no life. I see it happens a lot to me, but not just only me but to those who are like me. You would hear this a lot at this school, but it’s not true. Everybody, well most people, would be saying, “Asians are smart.” Just because I’m “Asian” doesn’t make me smart. Not all Asians are smart, trust me. Everyone is equal in different ways, but you just don’t see it with the people you might hang out with. They also think that all Asians are good at math. I think they are but some are not. I’m not that good at math, but it’s still easy to me. Do you think Asians are rich? Well I don’t think so; I think that most Asians are just like any other regular person that you see trying to support a family. That’s one of the goals that most Asians wants to succeed. Well, that’s everyone’s goal that actually cares. Not only Asians are the only one that are being judge by their appearance or race, but some Hispanics too. Just because they’re Hispanic doesn’t mean they “cross the border.” Just...
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