Don Quixote Essay

Topics: Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes, Novel Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: April 3, 2013
In medieval times, tales about knight-errands roaming the countryside of Europe, rescuing damsels and vanquishing evil lords and enchanters were as prominent as a movie today. These types of stories may sound absurd to many people in this time, but they were once so popular all people did was read them. What if a person read so many of these so called knight-errand stories that he or she forgets reality? Such is the case of the main character in Don Quixote written by Miguel de Cervantes. The story is an exploration into the idea of created reality, in which Cervantes illustrates to the readers how human beings often make reality to be whatever they want it to be. Don Quixote, the main character, is who Cervantes uses to deliver the message intended for the reader, as Don Quixote himself is a perfect example of “created reality”. Don Quixote, a man in his fifties, “lean bodied” and “thin faced”, is the soul of the story. His disposition attributes to the theme of Cervantes’s unique composition. The character Don Quixote is real, and he lives in a real world, but everything that he sees is exaggerated in his mind. It all started with a simple pleasuring hobby that soon turned into an indispensable practice. The man spent most of his days and nights reading tales of chivalry and literary romance. He became so addicted to them that “…he sold many acres of land in order to be able to buy and read the books that he loved…” (Cervantes, 831) Don Quixote’s fixation didn’t stop there though, he “became so immersed in his reading that he spent whole nights…and his days… poring over his books, until, finally… his brain dried up and he went completely out of his mind” (Cervantes, 832). Fantasy has drowned Don Quixote completely and belief at this point starting to get out of his head and mix with his everyday life. At length, he decides to take action for his passion and outfits himself with an old rusty armor; he even enlists his old horse to go fourth in search of...
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