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Don Pedro Paterno

By reese Nov 17, 2008 385 Words

Pedro Alejandro Paterno was born on the 27th of February in the year 1858. He was the 13th child from the rich and well-known family of Don Maximo Paterno and Doña Carmen de Vera Ignacio. He finished a degree of Bachiller en Artes at Ateneo de Manila and graduated with honors. He continued studying at Unibersidad de Salamanca with a degree in Theology and Philosophy. Then he transferred to Unibersidad Central in Madrid where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Law in the year 1880. When he came back to the Philippines, he served as a mediator during the peace negotiation between Spain and Philippines. He said that we should give Spain a chance because they were associated with us for more than a hundred years. But, the Filipinos disagreed because they wanted to fully end everything in a violent way.

He was a poet and a writer. He was the first Filipino to write an opera in the Filipino language entitled, Sandugong Panaginip. He also made some literary works such as, Sampaguitas y Poesias Varias and Poesias Lyricas y Dramaticas. During the revolution, he became one of the most prominent persons during the proclamation of the First Philippine Republic. He was elected as in the Malolos Congress on September 15, 1898. He leads whenever there is a meeting and he always suggests that everything should be settled in a peaceful, diplomatic way to avoid conflicts within the government. When the Malolos government was turned over to the Americans, he suggested that the Filipinos should make a deal with the Americans. He tried to win the sympathy of the Americans by organizing a holiday for two days (July 28 and July 29) wherein one of the guests of honors are General Arthur MacArthur and a few officials of the Taft Commission. But he did not succeed because of the photos of President Aguinaldo that were posted. In the end, the posters were confiscated and kept in the hands of the Americans. Don Pedro Paterno died in the age of 53 on March 11, 1911 because of cholera.


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