Don Campbell

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Alanis Vega-Cruz
Hip hop
Don Campbell

Have you ever wonder who made the lock-it move in hip hop? That would be Don Campbell, because of his successful creation of the move his name was referred as Don Campbelock. He was creative from his early years as a kid until college was when he discovered hip hop. Then he gets recognition. And how time went by.

Don was born in ST Louis, during the early years of the 50s, but raised in South Central LA. As a kid don enjoyed to draw especially people’s faces. But he also drew hands, trees and bugs. As he progressed to his teenage years he continued to draw. Because of his love for art he went to LA Trade Technical School. In LA Trade Technical school he discovered and was interested in dancing. He turned all of his attention to dance. Don would often go out to clubs and perfected his unique style of dancing, which was called the Campbelock. With this dance he started to win dance contest after another. His dance became popular because of his appearance on the popular television show Soul Train as a featured dancer.

Don appeared in many different shows, worked with many different artists and he also established dancers to dance the Campbelock. The group consisted of Don, Fred Berry, Toni Basil and Deney Terrio. The group appeared with Frank Sinatra, Dick van Dyke, Boyer Miller, Carol Burnett and est. They appeared on The Carol Burnet show, The Grammys, Saturday Night Live and more. He was honored at the first ever hip hop conference sponsored by and at the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Artifacts such as his outfits worn during his career where on display, as well as abroad.

The group decided to quit in the early 80s. Deney Terrio went on to teach John Travolta how to dance for his role on Saturday Night Fever, using moves created by don ten years ago. Don’s signature dance has been used by thousands of people. Such as Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson who used Dons...
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