Don't Die, My Love

Topics: Lurlene McDaniel, Black-and-white films, American films Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: October 14, 2007
Lurlene McDaniel is one of my favorite authors. I have read several of her books, but Don't Die, My Love is the only one that has left me crying. I cried of happiness and sorrow. This novel shows you an all new perspective of life and it helps you to better appreciate all of your love ones. It reveals to its readers that life is precious and is way too short. Every breathe you take could be your last one so don't wait another minute to tell the people in your life what they truly mean to you. Anyways I thought this book was absolutely amazing and now ill share with you what it is about. This romantic novel begins all the way back in the sixth grade when Luke Muldenhower asked Julie Ellis to marry him. Of course she just laughed and thought he was a desperate little boy but as the years went by she noticed Luke still had his eye on her. In eighth grade they began dating and this is where there love is taken on a long lasting journey. Will it last..? Now three years later, they're both in high school and their love is strong and better than ever. Julie is just a regular teenager with a regular life. Her boyfriend Luke is the star quarterback of they're school football team and Julie's dad is the coach. Bud Ellis has always had a soft spot for Luke and he keeps him close to his heart as he does for his only daughter. When life seems to be going perfect, Luke suddenly becomes very ill. There appears to be a large lump on his neck that just won't go away. Julie recommends from him to go see a doctor. When he is diagnosed with cancer they both are horrified. Refusing to leave his side, Julie sticks with him through all his worst possible moments. She even sacrifices spending one Christmas with her family. Although her mother highly disagrees with the fact of her spending so much of her school days with Luke, Julie decides to be with him. Julie is determined to make the relationship continue, to last, and never let it die. Julie has to deal with her...
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