Don't Ask Don't Tell

Ciara Loughnane
Period 3
CBA Research Paper
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is not a joking matter. It is the only law that enforces shame” (Lt. Dan Choi). In 1993 Congress passed the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy. The policy mandated discharging any openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual members of the army. The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy was removed on December 18th 2010, ( Was it the correct choice to remove the U.S army’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy? Yes, it was. The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy was removed because it violated many rights such as the first, fifth, ninth, and fourteenth Amendments in the Constitution, the outcome of the court case of Air Force Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach, and the reasons the policy was put into place were not as strong as the reasons for taking it away. The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy did not follow the rights given to every citizen such as freedom of speech and expression, right to pursuit of happiness, and right to due process.

Serving in the military is a right that should not be denied to any minority, including those that are gay, lesbian, and bisexual. But this wasn’t the case, for 17 years the U.S army discharged any openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual member without a trial. “The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network reports that since 1993 more than 13,000 gay and lesbian troops have been fired with no trial or chance to defend themselves” ( This violated four of the Amendments made in the Bill of Rights. The first Amendment, right to freedom of speech and expression. The “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy stopped gay’s, lesbians, and bisexual members from being open about their sexuality. This is a violation of their freedom of speech, (The Constitution). The freedom of speech is compromised as well as the danger of combining church and state. The fifth Amendment is violated because when a troop becomes openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual they are discharged from the army...

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