Dominican Fisheries

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Mauricio de Moya
Ms. Groesser
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Establish a sustainable fishing system based on the moral ethics of responsible fishing. Over the past decades the Dominican Republic has been recognized over the world as a number one fishing spot in the Caribbean due to its variety of fish and amazing sea life. Its vast coasts full of fish and marine life makes the Dominican Republic unique. But all this is just for know. Recent studies show that the fish population is decreasing at a unstoppable rate. Fisherman and fishing vessels are killing everything on its way no matter the size of the fish, species, and sex or in the time they procreate. The fishing industry in the Dominican Republic has been declining in the past 10 years due to the Japanese vessels that come into our waters to take all the yellow fin tuna, the lack of laws and regulations and the lack of conscience between the Dominican fisherman and the government by not enforcing the rules. The Dominican Republic is suffering serious consequences and it has to stop right know, studies show that at the rate were moving in 10 more years 32 species of fish would disappear and it would affect the DR’s economy greatly. Are the fishing techniques and practices of the Dominican fisherman destroying the fisheries of the Dominican Republic? The Dominican Republic’s fishes are in the risk of extinction and we have to prevent it.

I)Narration: environment from 1900- 1950
In the late 1900s
A.Topic sentence How much percentage are they decreasing:
1.Fish in the Caribbean reef have been declining at a rate of around 5% a year for the last decade, according to a study by an international team of researchers ? a)More worrying is that this decline is affecting both species that are harvested by humans and those that aren’t. 2. Studies all over the Caribbean are showing a deep drop in fish and coral population do to the lack of conscience of human beings....
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