Domination of North America

Topics: French and Indian War, United States, Canada Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: August 15, 2006
During the late 1600s and the to the mid-1700s, countries fought for land and power in order to have global domination. While several countries fought for the same cause, resolving their diffrerences was nearly impossible, and this often led to more wars and conflicts. One of the many conflicts concerned the domination of North America. While many European powers competed for control of North America, Britain gained the most territory through the four French and Indian wars, King William's War, Queen Anne's War, King George's War, and the French and Indian War. As these wars progressed, Britain achieved the most success and eventually became the most dominant power in North America. King William's War, which occurred from between 1689 to 1697, was the first of a series of colonial conflicts between France and England for supremacy in North America. It started when King William III of England allied himself with the League of Augsburg; certain German states, Spain, Sweden, Austria, and the Netherlands,; to oppose French expansion. In America, King William¡¯s War, or otherwise called The War of the Grand Alliance or the War of the League of Augsburg, was fought between the English and its Indian allies and the French and its Indian allies. The first major conflict occurred on February 9, 1690 when the French and Indian forces from Montreal attacked and burned Schenectady, New York. The English responded by the seizure of Port Royal on May 11, 1690. However, it was recaptured a year later by the French. The city of Quebec was also attacked by English forces in their first major military operation of King William's War, but they were obstructed by the French troops. The war ceased in a stalemate and officially ended with the Treaty of Ryswick, which ended the fighting in America and Europe, and returned all colonial possessions to their prewar status. After a brief season of peace, the colonists were obliged to face another long and murderous war....
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