Dominant Ideology Paper

Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, Mass media Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: March 27, 2014
I feel that a good example of dominant ideology can be found in vine videos. I look on vine and you see an incredible amount of videos that have white person vs. black person reaction to different situations. The ideology being supported here is the stereotypes that are place on different races. These videos will have white people react to a situation in a nice calm manner and blacks react in a loud and irate manner. They also make vines that show Mexicans, Asians and etc. in a stereotypical view. There are certain views that the media has put out there for each race and some people do not know other than what they see on television or through these media outlets and so they make these vines.

The crazy thing is these are truly the world views of the different races, the only people that do not see it as true are the people of the ethnicity. The media for so many years have put out movies that put blacks in roles as loud, ignorant, ghetto, and up to no good until that is what people expect from all. Which is so having a negative effect on people, for example Zimmerman most likely grew up watching the news and or movies that portrayed blacks wearing a hoodie as dangerous. He reacted based on what he knew from media sources. The news stations are now looking for ratings than quality and professional news reporting, so they put people on the news like Sweet Brown. The media sees that the negative portrayals is getting ratings and sailing and so they keep putting it out there. This goes for all races, they do this to Mexicans, Arabians, Asians, and so on.

An example that goes against the dominant ideology would have to the video game Grand Theft Auto. This game shows people going on missions killing people, robbing people on the street, picking up prostitutes, beating up strangers for no reason, stealing cars, and etc. I would hope that no one in our world would think that this was okay or acceptable. This game has somehow ruined the minds of a few young people...
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