Dominant Epic Heroes

Topics: Hero, Homer, Odyssey Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Asians aren’t cool enough?
Some people believe that Asians resemble (got rid of to-be verb) nerds, they aren’t great drivers, they are cheap and all they eat is fried rice and eggrolls. Today, heroes are known to show power, wear tights with their underwear outside of their pants and use superpowers to fight crime. (Reworded for concision and got rid of to-be verb) Nobody would believe that Kevin Wu could be the dominant epic hero over Odysseus, but while Kevin and Odysseus share certain traits, Kevin’s superiority in epic heroism (changed from heroicness to heroism) controls over that of Odysseus. A hero isn’t self-serving, never boasts and never needs help. Odysseus fits all those categories. (Tried to avoid asking a question) Although Odysseus seems to be a dominant epic hero, Kevin Wu is more prominent as the hero because of his characteristics. (Had to reword because had a to-be verb) Odysseus may seem like a dominant epic hero, but he exists self-serving even to the extent of betraying his friends, but Kevin does not. (Sounded awkward and got rid of to-be) When Odysseus betrays others he proves that not only is he a bad friend but a bad leader as well, “I took the victims, over the trench I cut their throats and the dark blood flowed in--and up out of Erebus they came, flocking toward me now, the ghosts of the dead and gone ... Brides and unwed youths and old men who had suffered much and girls with their tender hearts freshly scarred by sorrow and great armies of battle dead, stabbed by bronze spears, men of war still wrapped in bloody armor--thousands swarming around the trench from every side--unearthly cries--blanching terror gripped me!” (Homer 267). Odysseus shows disrespect towards many people, when they have done nothing to him, he punishes them in cruel and crazy ways that one cannot imagine. Respect and politeness are huge roles in friendship and honesty. Friendships need to be well preserved in order to be a Hero. (Added a quote because didn’t...
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