Domestic vs. International Adoption

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Domestic vs. International Adoption
Deciding to engage in the adoption process is a wonderful thing to do for many different reasons. Not only are the adoptive parents making a difference in the life of the adopted child but they are inspiring their own lives as well. Whether the prospective parents are looking to adopt because they are unable to have biological children or if they are choosing to adopt to bring a new special person into their lives, it is a process which is wonderful yet involved as well (Adoption process, n.d.). For this reason, it is important to go into the adoption process with some general background information in mind and that way the prospective parents will be better prepared for this adventure of a lifetime. The adoption process differs whether it is a domestic adoption (inside the United States) or an international adoption (outside of the United States), specifically Ethiopia. The first thing that the prospective parents need to do is to decide on an adoption agency with whom to proceed with the adoption process. There are a few different ways to go about finding an adoption agency. The first and perhaps the best way to obtain an adoption agency are to ask for recommendations from friends and family members. As adoption is becoming more and more common these days, oftentimes one will already know an individual who either has gone through the adoption process themselves or has a friend or relative who has adopted (Adoption process, n.d.). Recommendations are beneficial as they give the prospective adoptive parent an inside track not only on what agencies are available but also which agencies are good and which are not so good. One can also find an adoption agency by utilizing the Internet or the yellow pages and make some visits to local adoption agencies to see if they are the type of agency one is looking to use for the adoption process. Once a domestic adoption agency has been settled on, it is then time to get down to business. There will be an initial meeting at the chosen adoption agency where the prospective parents will be informed as to the specific procedure regarding domestic adoption and how that particular agency goes about procuring a child for adoption. As is inevitable, there will also be a number of forms to fill out which will tell the agency a little bit more about the prospective parents and the prospective parents will learn a little bit more about the agency’s protocol and procedure. After all of the initial information has been collected by the adoption agency staff, some adoption agencies require the prospective parents to attend some classes on adoption through their agency. Much of the information received at classes of this sort are for the benefit of the parents in that they try to make the prospective adoptive parents as informed as possible, not only for the benefit of the prospective adoptive parents but for the welfare of the prospective adoptive child. This way, if upon hearing all that is entailed in the adoption process the parents wish to pursue other options, it is beneficial that this occurs in the very beginning of the process. The next step in the adoption process is having a home study done, usually by a licensed social worker (Adoption Process, 2010). The home study is where a number of things occur. This procedure includes numerous interviews between a counselor and the prospective adoptive parents, both together and individually. Also included in the home study are home visits, more forms and educational classes. The home visits are done in order to ensure that the living environment is suitable for a child and that the adopted child is going to a safe, loving home. In addition to the home visits, part of the home study requires fingerprinting and criminal background checks of the parents-to-be. Again, this is to ensure the safety of the child. References and medical history may also be requested. Once the home study is complete and the individuals...

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