Domestic Violence in India

Topics: Domestic violence, Abuse, Child abuse Pages: 7 (2046 words) Published: September 10, 2012
“Holding dreams within her soul
Tattered wings, on which she’d once so flown
Battered life, it had come and gone
Come now, Rescue her self, so lone
Lift her up on her rightful throne
She need not shed those tears anymore
Make a heaven her own home
It’s her claim
Hers to have earned.”


A country whose national personification lies in that of the Mother Goddess ‘Bharat Mata’, whose citizens chant ‘Jai Mata Di’ with more vehemence than dancing on their own weddings, it is more than impossible to envision the horrific state of the women of this country. Marriage for an Indian woman is not just the love and bonding with her husband it is about building strong bonds with every member of her husband’s family, when an Indian woman shifts from her parent’s home to her husband’s home, she also shifts her loyalties from her parents and siblings to her in-laws. Marriage for an Indian woman means the end of her already limited independence, it is the end of holding any individual social or economic status. For the sacrificial being that an Indian woman is expected to be, her only hope and expectation of finding love, respect and care from her husband is rarely ever met. Due to the large number of superstitious beliefs existing in the Indian society, the wife is usually considered the bringer of any kind of misfortune that comes by to her husband’s family, she is also blamed for any misunderstanding caused between the couple. Domestic violence is the act of physical, emotional, psychological or sexual abuse at the hands of a person whom a woman is acquainted with intimately. Domestic violence is mostly directed by the husband at the wife, it also includes of the woman in a relationship being assaulted by her partner. Wife beating is generally classified into wife battering and wife abuse, which are emotionally charged terms and draw attention to the abnormal behavior of the husband. These terms are applied to narrow the issue of physically striking a partner and causing injury and pain or where there is high potential of causing harm and to acts where there is no actual hitting but there are acts such as verbal abuse or emotional violence. Wife beating is willfully striking of the wife by a husband with or without injury. Sadly, the severity of beating in our country is measured only on the basis of how many time the wife needed to be hospitalized. Causes of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is caused due to the psychological condition of the abuser and mostly results from his nature and/or his superiority or inferiority complex. Sometimes it results from the adamant or uncouth behavioral characteristics of the victim. The understandings of the causes of domestic violence are largely studied under three major heads:

i. Personality Traits of the Abuser and Abused in Beating ii. Situational Factors in Beating
iii. Social Norms in Beating

Personality Traits of the Abuser and Abused in Beating

The Abuser

The violence of the abuser usually arose from his nature of being too suspicious, suggestible, sexual, dominant, irrational, immoral, easily emotionally disturbed, unjust, jealous or possessive. These traits make an individual highly prone to being short- tempered and turning violent sooner than normal.

The Abused

The abused calls for the beating through a few significant traits specially either by indulging in illicit relationships with another person or by ignoring the spouse and his family to an extent of neglect. The abuser also becomes highly susceptible to violence by bearing the pain silently and accepting it as if she deserves it.

Situational Factors in Beating

a) Domestic violence and abuse of the spouse may arise from tense situations in the family related to economic condition of the household. Poverty, unemployment and lack of necessities may lead the husband to vent his frustration out on his wife in forms of physical or emotional violence.

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