Domestic violence for women

Topics: Domestic violence, Abuse, Violence Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: May 31, 2014
Evaluate the effectiveness of the Australian legal system in protecting women against violence Domestic violence is defined as violence or physical abuse directed towards your partner usually dire ted violence by men against women. In the Australian Bureau of Statistics conducted in 2005 it was found that just fewer than half a million Australian women reported that they had experienced physical or sexual violence or sexual assault in the past twelve months. In response to the issue of violence against women the Australian legal system has introduced a range of legislation to protect women however, it is to be questioned how effective these legal responses have been. The Australian legal system has introduced a Crimes act to deal with violence against women. This act has been amended a total of ten times which illustrates of progression of the legal system. This act first was introduced in 1900 in NSW and criminal charges had been applied for violence against women. The amendments across the years include raising the age of sexual consent to 16 (1910), Made intramartial rape a crime; Abolishes immunity for offenders (1981), Allows for lesser penalties (1981), Introduced apprehended domestic violence orders (ADVOs) for the first time (1982), and the extended application for ADVOs to cover fear of harassment or molestation, rather than physical violence (1983). The fact that the legal system has intervened with the issue of violence and has made ten amendments, shows that they have been effective. Since the acts have been amended it also shows how the legal system is breaking the issue of violence into different factors to minimise and hopefully end violence against women for example the Crimes (Sexual Assault) Amendment Act 1981 (NSW) and Crimes (Homicide) Amendment Act 1981 (NSW). In response to the issue of violence against women the Australian legal system introduced an AVO. An Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) is a Court order which prohibits a person...
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