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Domestic Violence Between Parents and Children

By mavisssssss Dec 19, 2012 574 Words
Domestic Violence Between Parents And Children

Thanks to the increasing trend of domestic violence between parents and their children, family violence has raised a lot of concerns in the society in recent years. A survey conducted by the Social Welfare Department of Hong Kong revealed that nearly half of the interviewees have been physically hurt by their parents when they were young. It is believed that apart from the personalities of parents, both the economic causes, such as poverty, and environmental causes, like new immigration, contribute to the cause of this family problem. Children grew under domestic violence will be affected behaviorally, socially and emotionally.

Kids develop under a family full of violence might have violent tendencies. The survey mentioned above has also found out that a higher proportion of children who have encountered family violence before will yell loudly, throw things or ever hit others when responding to anger compared to children who never face family violence. They usually manage their anger violently and let of their emotions by hitting others as they are bought up in this circumstance, therefore they thought it is just a normal and acceptable way when dealing with relationships.

Next, children bought up in violence might also have poor social skills as they do not have a role model in establishing good relationships with others. Since single parent and poor martial relationships are the dominate factors brought to domestic violence, kids grew in these kinds of family usually have no idea in making ‘attachments ‘to other individuals , as a result, they only have few or even no friends in school. In fact, it is a very critical problem because it will affect their future seriously. They might not be able to find job which requires interviews or team work.

Moreover, under the effect of family violence, children are usually more rebellious than those who did not encounter domestic violence when they grow up. Their attitude is less favourable towards their parents. As parents do not treat their children kindly, even worse, they beat their children with tools like clothes-hanger as punishment. Children hardly understand the reason of being punished. With their simple minds, children would only think that their parents are not being respectful to them. Therefore, youngsters with this bad experience will be less likely to obey to their parents when they grow up.

To wrap up, there is no doubt that domestic violence is closely related to parents’ personality, economic and environmental causes. Children who grow under domestic violence will be affected both physically and mentally. Kids will have a greater tendency to develop a violent character which leads them to solve problem by using violence. In addition, children would not be able to develop a good social skill as they have no idea on how to build up a good relationship with others. Youngsters would also be more rebellious if they have experienced domestic violence which causes their disobedience towards their parents.

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