Domestic Violence and Woodstock

Topics: Domestic violence, Homelessness in the United States, Gale Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Family of Woodstock
Diana Clark
April 22, 2013
Aaron Mills, MSW

Family of Woodstock
The family of Woodstock was founded because of the Woodstock Festival that took place in a city 115 miles away. Since 1970, a program was brought to area residents called FAMILY it is a place where individuals can go, and they are caring and respectful. With this any type of search for a solution is creative and never ending. FAMILY's shelters, emergency food pantries, court advocates, counseling, and case management services, hotlines, and childcare supports that work together to help people achieve the changes they seek. Many people liked the idea of living on their own and living care free. Many young people were sleeping in the parks and roaming around. Many of these people brought very little with them and were looking for food, and shelter. The people in the community came together, and Gail Varsi offered her telephone service and also her home to prevent problems with the people roaming the area and to keep them from becoming arrested. This was the start of the Family of Woodstock. Today many volunteers, and staff work to answer the phone lines and offer their help. The agency was built to help people. The founder’s committed that the staff would not tell people what to do and pass any judgments on them. Instead they would listen and encourage them to make choices that would benefit them. The staffs’ goal was to refer people to existing agencies but was also able to fill the gaps when needed. Family of Woodstock has become a lead agency in Ulster, and the surrounding areas of homelessness, domestic violence, emergency services, child services, and adolescent services. The Family of Woodstock has met the specialized the needs of the community. They provide many shelters and food programs. One shelter is a youth facility for homeless and runaways the Family House has 14 beds to provide a haven. They also have a shelter for men and women with 19 beds but...

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