Domestic Violence and What Should Be Done to Stop It.

Topics: Domestic violence, Abuse, Psychological abuse Pages: 3 (1010 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Sebastian Springer
Prof. Penn
ENG 101

Domestic Violence And Its impact on People’s Lives

For many years, domestic violence has plagued our society as a whole. It is not a band-aid situation in which one can say, “Everything is going to be get better”, and not do anything to prevent it in the first place. In 1994, Congress passed the Violence Against Women Act in recognition of the severity of crimes associated with domestic violence, sexual assault, and staking (, Web). There should be stricter punishment enforced to stop threats and dangerous stages of domestic violence because there are times when a situation can get out of hand, and people can get seriously hurt.

Michigan was the first state to upgrade their laws in order to help people that were victims of domestic violence. This was during, during 1994 to 2000, in which they changed their laws in order to make it easier for the victims of abuse to get protection though the legal system ( The lawmakers statewide should take that example, and put those counter- measures into place. Some people may think that domestic violence only happen to the poor or people of color, but they are wrong. It affects all people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, martial status, and age.(,web).

Drugs, alcohol, stress, and mental illness are usually associated with someone who has violent tendencies; however, those factors do not do not cause violence. Although drugs and alcohol may alter the way you perceive things around you, those substances only a only act as a catalyst toward the situation. People with mental illness are institutionalized and taken care of by staff at the faculties. Abusers often use these substances or circumstances to place the blame for their actions(,web). Everyone is responsible for their own thoughts, and the way they go about doing things. What...
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