Domestic Violence and Society

Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Psychological abuse Pages: 1 (501 words) Published: October 13, 2014
 Domestic Violence and Society A social topic we all heard about yet goes ignored is Domestic Violence. Society will often ask “What can I do to help, how do I spread the word?” “How do I know when it’s happening to someone I know and care for?” Society does really want to help and get involved when it’s been presented at the present moment and sometimes to really help. However, when it’s in silence and no longer being actively discussed it gets forgotten and then ignored. What the public can do to help is to allow themselves to be aware that is does happen and to people we least expect it too. Be open to the fact that women do not like being in abusive relationships and really want out but do not feel safe getting out. Society can be less judgmental and more empathic. They can be proactive rather than ignore the situation when it’s happening in plain sight. Society can get involved by offering to go to public places such as schools, hospitals, stores, laundry mats, and leaving material for women to read or posting posters on the walls. Many women in that situation often don’t know that there is help or who to contact for help. Many women are afraid to tell anyone for fear of what their abuser will do to them and they often never tell their family members or friends because they are often shunned and told it’s their own fault for staying. A common question, “How do we know if it is happening to someone we love and care for?” We often do not know until it’s too late and feel horrible that we didn’t do something to prevent it and why didn’t they come to us for help. The truth is they did come to us and we did see it. Women will often tell their friends and family by asking questions and telling stories of someone else they know instead of admitting it them. To get a feel if it’s safe to share what they are going through or need to continue to keep the secret. Too often the reaction or comments will dictate how much information the...
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