domestic violence

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July 2002
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A comprehensive approach can help
law enforcement agencies combat
domestic violence in their ranks.

By John Hill


Agencies must provide their officers
with appropriate pursuit training and
clear pursuit policies.

Investigating International
Terrorism Overseas


Officers investigating terrorist acts must
understand how the Constitution affects
their actions in foreign countries.

Domestic Violence in Law
Enforcement Relationships
By Karen J. Kruger and
Nicholas G. Valltos

High-Speed Police Pursuits

By Michael J. Bulzomi

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8 Research Forum
Accidental Deaths of
Law Enforcement Officers
18 Snapshot
Boat Accident
19 Bulletin Reports

20 Perspective
The Problem with Gratuities
24 Book Review
Digital Evidence and
Computer Crime

Dealing with Domestic Violence
in Law Enforcement Relationships

© Don Ennis

Domestic violence remains a
prevalent social and law
enforcement problem in the
United States, and the public demands that law enforcement agencies work aggressively to prevent it. Sadly, several studies show that too
many law enforcement officers
themselves commit acts of domestic
abuse,1 which is not only devastating to the families of these officers but also damaging to the agencies
and communities that they serve.
This unlawful behavior undermines
the credibility and effectiveness of

the officer and diminishes the standards of the department and the profession.2
As law enforcement responds
to the demands of the community
for stronger enforcement of domestic violence laws, it cannot ignore those within its own ranks who
commit the same offenses. Law enforcement managers must respond when domestic violence occurs
within the ranks—to enforce the
law, to protect the integrity and
reputation of the agency, and to
reflect the ethical standard of

stewardship expected of law enforcement leaders.
Responding appropriately and
adequately when domestic violence
hits “home” often is not as easy as it
may sound. The problem comprises
many issues and requires a comprehensive approach, involving leadership, recruitment screening, policies and procedures, training, and violation investigation and response. As always, because state and local laws may vary, readers should consult their legal advisors before embarking on a new

July 2002 / 1

departmental policy and response
plan. Be forewarned, however,...
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