Domestic Violence

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Janaye Bullock
April 23rd 2009
Dr. Pisiak
Argumentive Essay
Domestic Violence

Christopher “Chris” Brown and Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty are the nation’s most talked about couple in the media and tabloids. As everyone knows, recently Chris Brown has been allegedly accused of domestic violence against his former girlfriend Rihanna. Rihanna suffered multiple cuts, scrapes, bruises, and bite marks over her body. According to an author of the New York Daily News, Brown pleads not guilty on his felony charges (Schreffer). Domestic violence is a negative factor amongst women in relationships. Statistics have shown that approximately three million incidents of domestic violence are reported in the United States (Feinstein 1). In addition, “approximately eighty five percent of domestic abuse victims each year” are females (Feinstein 2). “Nearly one third of American women report being physically or sexually abused by a husband or boyfriend at some point in their lives, and each year, many as 324,000 women experience domestic violence during their pregnancy”(Feinstein 2). Having a partner or spouse that inflicts domestic violence can often lead a family to have continuous and reoccurring cycles of abuse, health problems, homelessness, and financial instability. The U.S needs to do more to protect women legally from domestic violence, and provide help to battered women and families.

Reoccurring issues of domestic violence happens to be the prime issue amongst individuals that are victims of domestic abuse. According to Dianne Feinstein, “Domestic violence remains a pervasive threat to the fabric of America’s families and the well being of America’s future” (2). I agree with her; the most disturbing thing happens to be women coming back to abusive spouses and partners. Many couples don’t leave their abusive spouse, yet they just continue and let the cycle reoccur, never receiving help; but continuously enduring the pain. The cycle of abuse repeats itself from generation to generation, never resulting in a positive manner unless; legal actions such as arrests are made and or major injuries. Many individuals that are abused or have witnessed abuse are “at a higher risk of abusing their own family and significant others as an adult; as well as long- term physical and mental health problems including alcohol and substance abuse (Feinstein 2). Personally I’ve known a couple that have been through domestic violence and it wasn’t necessarily a good predicament. My aunt and her first husband have been married for a few years before he started to physically abuse her. It started with the verbal abuse, resulting in other matters and forms of abuse. As a married couple for numerous years, the abuse never stopped, he even broke her jaw in various places. His actions soon progressed resulting into various other forms of abuse. He then introduced her into the world of drugs and prostitution. Yet, with all of the above issue being faced, my aunt became diagnosed with some form of insanity behind her drug and domestic abuse. Currently she is homeless, in and out of shelters and drug abuse programs; completing the programs just to relapse. Poverty seems to stand as a true issue when it comes to being domestically abused. Abusers have the tendency to control finances and leave the family with little or nothing. Domestic violence can build many obstacles when it comes to being financially stable for family matters and life’s necessities. Poverty is the beginning step before a family and/ or a person becomes homeless. Being in poverty is beyond broke and many aspects can overcome an individual to become more violent as to wanting more money; a person can become more abusive. “Women living in poor neighborhood s are more likely to be the victims of domestic violence than women in more affluent neighborhoods” (Domestic 2). “Women and financially distressed couples who live in poor neighborhoods are twice more likely to become victims of domestic...

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