Domestic Violence

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What is domestic violence? In this paper I will be telling you many

different forms of domestic violence. I will include the physical abuse, sexual

abuse, verbal abuse, spiritual abuse, economic abuse, social abuse, and

emotional abuse. I will also describe the "cycle", teen dating violence, and why

women stay with an abusive partner.

Physical abuse takes many forms including hitting, punching, pulling hair,

slapping, grabbing, biting, kicking, breaking bones, bruising, burning, twisting

arms, throwing victims against walls and furniture, throwing objetc s and

weapons. It also includes damaging household goods, killing pets, and denial of

human needs, like sleep and nutrition. Assault can be of a life-threatening nature

resulting in broken bones, miscarriages and other serious injuries. A substantial

proportion of victims are threatened or assaulted with weapons such as knives,

firearms and axes. Physical violence can result in murder and often leads to

serious physical injury. The injuries are not always obvious as abusers often

make sure the signs of their attacks are hidden under clothing. For many women

there is a real and constant threat of death because of the seriousness of the


Sexual abuse in the home is domestic violence. Sexual intercourse without

consent is sexual assault. Sexual assault may or may not involve physical force.

Sexual abuse is unwanted sexual contact. Many men still believe that they have

the right to unlimited sexual access to their wives.

Verbal abuse consists of derogatory comments, insults and constant put-

downs. Lack of physical attractiveness, inferiority, inability to cope and succeed

on her own and being told that she is not a good mother/wife/housekeeper.

Over time this constant humiliation will destroy a women's belief in herself and

severely affetc
her self-esteem. She begins to take on the abusive

as if they are real and therefore may start to believe that she's worthless, that

the violence is her fault. It must be kept in mind that responsibility for the

violence lies solely with the perpetrator, not the victim. Threats are very common

form of verbal abuse, aimed at terrorizing the woman to such and extent that

the abuser is in total control. Threats by a man to kill a woman if she leaves him

are often reported by victims of domestic violence.

Emotional abuse closely linked to verbal abuse, these behaviors are also

aimed at terrorizing the victim and stripping her of her self-confidence. Behaviors

include destroying household/personal property deliberately

hurting/injuring/killing domestic pets, deprivation of essential personal needs

such as food, sleep, sanitary items etc
. The power which they give in order

manipulate and intimidate the other partner. A range of behavior is involved,

including verbal abuse intended to destroy the other persons self-esteem. For

example, a perpetrator's behavior may lead to his partner to believe she is

insane, stupid or useless. The effetc
is often cumulative, occurring over a

period of time with damaging consequences for the abused person's sense of


Spiritual abuse describes the damage violence does to the spirit of those

who have been abused. For some women this cannot be equated with

psychological or emotional abuse. Spiritual violence is deeper than an individuals

experience of betrayal: it involves the shame experienced when everyone in the

community is aware of the violence, and when they too are implicated as victims

of the violence. Victimization may be based on race, color, or other forms of

identification with that community , and it includes the abuse suffered from a

history of genocide or persecution.

Economic abuse this occurs...
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