Domestic Violence

Topics: Domestic violence, Crime, Violence Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: July 25, 2013
Monica Spriggs
Dr. Benjamin West
English 101
June 28, 2013
Domestic Violence and Stiffer Penalties
No one should have to suffer from the physical, mental, or emotional abuse from domestic violence; that is why I feel there should be stiffer penalties for domestic violence offenders. Every time a victim left a violator, to them it never felt right because they were caught up in the false sense of security and the realness of fear and let’s not forget the fake love. Break the chains that bind you women to these weak males. They are only in the ring trying to win a championship and are using women as their sparring partners. Domestic violence has been an unfortunate fact of life for many women in this nation, one that traditionally has been addressed—or overlooked by state and local law enforcement agencies. Troubled by the widespread, enduring problem that women have faced. In 1994, Congress decided that the issue finally needed to be addressed at a federal level. Congress passed the eponymously named Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) to deal with that long standing problem.

Wake up America! The more of us who speak out against this crime and the need for stiffer sentences is the only way to get this horrendous crime out of the dark and into the light. Kathleen Currul-Dykeman writes, “Domestic violence has been mistreated by the criminal justice system for years. These cases were ignored by police officers and neglected by courts hardly viewed as criminal domestic violence was treated as a family matter. (3)

Domestic violence has been a long standing problem that has been hidden and condoned for years. It is time to stop the violence and give stiffer penalties to these criminals. The BYU Journal of Public Law states, “Until the 20th century, society effectively condoned family violence, following a common law rule known as rule of thumb”, which barred a husband from restraining a wife of her liberty by chastisement with a stick thicker than a man’s...

Cited: Currul-Dykeman,K.(2010) Understanding the effects of the court community on the processing of domestic violence cases.(order No. 3412995,Northeastern University). Proquest Dessertations and these, 272-n/a. Retrieved from>8289.(prod.academic_MSTAR_746479080
H.R. Rep, 1993, Violence Against Women Act, BYU Journal of Law, Volume 12, Issue 1; Pages 103-395
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