Domestic Servant Employment Contract

Topics: Employment, Maldives, Recruitment Pages: 4 (1076 words) Published: August 25, 2013
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This contract of employment is hereby executed and entered into this 15th day of July 2013 between AISHATH SARWAREE, having NIC No.: A032479 (hereinafter referred to as, “Employer”) and ALAM, a Bangladeshi national having Passport No.: AA5922367 (hereinafter referred to as, “Employee”) and wherein the parties hereto mutually agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.| | | | |

Job Description & Wages| 1| | The Employer hereby engages the Employee and the Employee agrees to work for the Employer in the position of domestic servant at a net monthly wage of USD 120.00 (One Hundred and Twenty United States Dollars) which shall be paid in cash by the Employer to the Employee at the end of each month in one single payment. | | | | |

Duration of Contract and Place of Work| 2| | The period of this contract shall be 1 year from the date of first issuance of the requisite visa thereof. All dues payable to the government in relation to the Employee’s employment under this contract shall be borne by the Employer. In the course of his work, the Employee shall work at whatever household the Employer resides in.| | | | |

Working Hours | 3| | A regular working day for the Employee shall be comprised of 8 (eight) hours and the Employee shall work a maximum of 6 (six) consecutive working days in a Calendar week. Any work performed beyond the aforementioned limit shall be considered overtime for which the Employee shall be compensated according to the rates in Clause 5 of this Agreement.| | | | |

Rest Day, Leave & Public Holidays| 4| | The Employer shall allow the Employee one (1) rest day in a week, preferably falling on Friday. After completion of one (1) year of employment the Employee shall be entitled to an annual leave of 30 (thirty) days. The Employee shall also be entitled to 30 (thirty) days paid sick leave during each year of employment, however, the...
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