Domestic Robot

Topics: Hong Kong, Domestic robot, Robot Pages: 4 (1160 words) Published: May 4, 2012
Domestic robots play an indispensable role in our future lives

This essay aims at discussing domestic robots that may change the lives of Hong Kong people within the next 50 years by looking at possible future applications of science. In the bygone day, robots were used in industrial field and mostly not related to people. People rarely think that they would interact with robots. Nowadays, robots are covered in different fields, such as domestic. Domestic robot is a robot used for household chores. In this essay, the first part is a brief introduction of background science and applications of robot. Another part is then focusing the application's possible future impacts on the lives of people living in Hong Kong. The essay will conclude by analyzing whether domestic robot would be an integral part of Hong Kong.

The domestic robot can do works alike human by understanding the trajectory formation in human reaching movement [1]. In order to reach this goal, the robot consists of components including a movable physical structure, a motor, a sensor system, a power source and a computer [2]. The robot can provide services by different starting. The first one is direct command on the domestic robot by human. Speech and gesture are normal communication channels to instruct the robot [1][3]. Another method to trigger the robot services is the sensation of robot around the environment. The tactile sensor of robot gives information about pressure and contact points. Therefore, collision is prevented and the motion of robot is then reverse [1]. After receiving the signals from the environment or human, the computer interprets the signals to move the robot’s body [2]. The robot can, therefore, work either by their own or by human’s instructions.

Application of robots
Robot can work as a household assistant. They can perform multifarious tasks at home. Firstly, they can do all the household tasks such as sweeping floor, controlling the...
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