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Domestic Abuse

By ashalay20 Apr 28, 2013 630 Words
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5 March 2013
Domestic Abuse: An Annotated Bibliography
Kunz, Marnie. “Effects from an Abusive Relationship”. Domestic Violence, 19 March 2011. Web. 1 April 2013. In this article, “Effects from an Abusive Relationship”, the author Marnie Kunz, discuss the long term effects on a person due to domestic violence. He feels that abusing someone can leave them with many emotional and physical scars and issues. He also feels that even after the relationship is over the victim still suffers from low self-esteem, denial, and depression. Given that Kunz studied Domestic Abuse in college, he is considered an expert. I’ve discovered from this article that abuse can affect your life and future relationships long after it’s over, so get out as soon as possible.

Russo, Susan. “How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship”. Domestic Abuse, 12 January 2010. Web. 1 April 2013. In this article, “How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship”, the author Susan Russo, provides many steps to overcoming and leaving an abusive relationship. She feels that taking the first step forward will be the best thing you will ever do for yourself. She also feels that none deserves to be treated badly or abused in the name of love. Being as Russo is a life coach whose help many people move beyond their heartaches, you can consider her to be an expert and her information very resourceful.

Smith, Melinda. “Help for Abused Women”. Domestic Abuse, December 2012. Web. 1 April 2013. In this article, “Help for Abused Women”, the author Melinda Smith discuss the issues of remaining in an abusive relationship opposed to leaving. She feels that many women are too afraid to leave their abuser and are in denial hoping things will one day change. She argues that leaving an abusive relationship is not the easiest thing to do, but it is in every situation the best thing to do. Given that Smith is very well educated on the subject her information is very informative and insightful. However, she doesn’t acknowledge the facts and statics of the topic.

Steiner Morgan, Leslie. “Why Abused Women Stay in Bad Relationships”. Domestic Abuse, 2 February 2013. Web. 1 April 2013. In this article, “Why Women Stay in Bad Relationships”, the author Leslie Morgan Steiner, believes that most people think getting out of an abusive relationship is an easy thing to do. But the truth of the matter is it is an extremely hard thing to overcome. She also feels that many women are too afraid to leave their abusers because of varied

reasons. While other women suffer with being isolated from their families, mentally and financially controlled for so long that they believe that they have nowhere or none else to turn to. But being abused and continuing to let someone abuse you is not healthy for anyone, leaving would be considered the best thing to do

“Why Victims Stay”. Domestic Abuse, 17 November 2010. Web. 1 April 2013. In this article, “Why Victims Stay”, the author discusses the many reasons why women choose to stay in an abusive relationship. The author feels that people find it hard to understand why some women choose to remain with their abuser. The author also feels that people falsely believe that the women who remain in these situations are needy and weak and blame the victim. Many women are believed stay because of emotional and situational reasons. Although the author of this article is unknown, he/she states many great points for people on the outside looking in. I discovered that you cannot judge a person on staying or leaving an abusive relationship when you have no knowledge of what they are going through.

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