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The play “Dolores” has its basis because it portrayed not just the legend of the mysterious town of Dolores, Quezon, but the culture of the people of Dolores more specifically in faith healing. The play is a love story, and as I’ve read from the souvenir item of the said play, it is based on a true story. And based on the play that I watched it shows that it can be a legend and history. Perhaps, one couldn’t really imagine whether the play is real or not. But one thing is for sure, it has its strong basis as far as history and legend is concern. The play shows that as Thomas(old man) play his role he made the story of Dolores and Lauro as a legend which the story of the two is a real love story. He just made legend to hide the true story why Lauro disappeared without further saying. If we are going to look at the story of the play Dolores is a history, because it shows the culture of the Province of Dolores, Quezon. It’s not just focus on the love story of Dolores and Lauro but also on the culture and the tradition of the people in Dolores. On how they celebrate Holy Week and on how they treasure their culture. On how also they treasure the family that they have, they are willing to sacrifice for their families. And as we can see in the story theirs a group of people that praying, which shows our ancestors, and Thomas which he is a “Manggagamot”. Being “Mangagamot” is common in the province of Quezon and even in other province of the Philippines. If we are to look back in the past, the religion of our early ancestors is animism. They praise and glorify the sanctity of nature. From then, it rooted the present culture of many Filipinos, particularly the people of Dolores. This culture never fades despite of several circumstances that our country faced like wars and invasions. This became the strong foundations of faith of the early Filipinos and to their descendants. Strong historical basis became the foundation of the existence of this culture....
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