Dolly Parton

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Dolly was born on January 19, 1946 in a pine-log cabin in Sevier Country, Tennessee. Dolly's parents were Avie Lee and Lee Parton. They had three children before dolly. There were twelve in all 6 girls and 6 boys.

When dolly started going to school, she attended a one room school house called Mountain View and she was the first person in her family to finish high school. Dolly's family were very poor. They were moving place to place to find a smaller house that they can afford.

At one time when Dolly was nine she needed a new coat, her parents couldn't afford to buy the fabric, so her mother made her a coat out scraps of green, blue and yellow a year later she turned it into a song called "coat of many colours".

At a very young age Dolly dreamt to be a singer she was singing at church and at school in front of all the other children, she climbed trees to sing and pretended to be on stage in front of audience. At seven she was already fascinated with make up dreamt about having fancy clothes and fabulous jewelleries. She listened to the grand Ole Opera when she was 8 and could play the guitar that her uncle Bill Owens bought her.

When dolly was 10 she started singing in the yearly morning and noon radio program which was called farm and home hour. Her uncle bill liked to get her an on stage performance on the grand Ole Opera. After Dolly signed on with gold bond record, her uncle sent tapes of her singing her own record to Nash valley record companies and music publishers. Before she turned 14 she signed up as a song writer by the three international publishing companies.

After dolly graduated high school in 1964 she moved with her family and uncle to Nashville. In 1966 she recorded many songs but few became popular like: "put it off until tomorrow, dumb blonde and something fishy". Dolly began her career working on a television show with Porters, after Porters singing partner left. Dolly married coral dean on May 30th 1966. During her time working...
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