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* City Council
* We are a research group hired in to examine problems concerning the Metroville Police Department. * There have been concerns with low morale in relation to the local police department. * Introduction:

A.) Our job as an independent research company is to advise the city government of Metroville of how to improve the morale of the citizens towards the police department. B.) The first thing we had to do was to determine the root of the problem. a. We sent out a survey to 3,000 randomized people in Metroville. Of those 3,000 there were 457 who returned their surveys. b. We analyzed and formed conclusions from the results of our survey and established recommendations for you.

* The Problem:
A.) Citizens of Metroville have a negative perception of the service and duty of the Metroville Police. B.) Reasons for this negative perception:
a. They don’t think the police are willing to help.
b. They feel no improvements have been made.
c. They believe that the police are not as skilled as police in other cities. d. They also feel that there are not enough patrols in particular areas of their town. C.) Citizens have been complaining and therefore request that some action takes place to improve the police department.

* The Purpose:
A.) The purpose of this report is to present the facts and reasons why the citizens of Metroville are not satisfied with their task force, interpret the facts, and recommend actions that will help the citizens of the city of Metroville increase their satisfaction with the police task force. B.) This report will primarily focus on the results from our survey and establishing ideas or recommendations for the police department to put into action.

* Cost:
A.) The total cost to perform these surveys and retrieve the results was $11,800. The expenses from conducting the survey were: Administrative expenses- $800, Travel expenses- $1000,...
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