Dollar General Can Continue Growing at Its Current Rate?

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Strategy Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: August 16, 2007
The business strategy of Dollar General was very successful allowing the company to gain its top rank against other discount retail competitors. The factors for the success have been discussed above. To summarize, we all opine that Dollar General can grow continuously at its current rate with some precautionary review to its current business process.

Application of information system is becoming more essential in order to conduct daily business and achieving strategic business objectives. The following business strategies Dollar General incorporated can be further evolved with the assistance of information technology, providing more potential to make rapid respond to the ever changing environment. Regarding sales and marketing, information technology can be employed to assist in analysing appropriate store location to maximise sales return. Merchandising database system can help to locate which product sell the best at which location, so proper allocation of merchandise can be arranged to promote sales performance.

The intimacy between suppliers can be enhanced to allow fast response in stock refill, and it helps to further lowering the cost for storage with the help of sophisticated inventory system at store level. Such system can also allow the management to have real-time data for their fast and better decision making. This can, as a result, helps the company to resolve the headache of the increasing shrink rate.

Under Dollar General¡¦s philosophy, technology is a way to cut costs, not grow new business. The challenge for the senior management to make long-range strategic decisions to further extend the company goal is to realise the importance of information technology and what it can contribute to strengthen the operation within the company, identify the current weakness and turns it to become its strength by developing appropriate information systems, so as to further reinforce the competitiveness in the market and increase sales grow by...
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