Doing a Work You Enjoy

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Perception, Psychology Pages: 1 (422 words) Published: July 23, 2013
Doing a work you enjoy, and that is useful to the world, is one the most fulfilling experience one can live, therefore its importance cannot be argued. Moreover, it validates senses such as personal growth and goals achieving, which will develop during time in changes of personality, even though the challenge of over passing the money issue will still remain but will be placed on a secondary levels of importance. As a part of main 6 human needs identified by Anthony Robbins, one of the most influential intellectuals , if not the world authority in leadership psychology, the sense of growth is a level that a few can reach. Most of the people focus on the first four needs: certainty, variety, love and significance, rarely reaching the two main needs - personal growth and contribution. The sense of growth given by the work one is doing on an every day basis, makes the quality of his life. From my personal working experience, I can proudly state that I was lucky, over the past time, and will continue to choose the work I do, because, besides the mentioned above fulfilled needs, it affects my productivity, my strength to take a position and my power of motivating people to act . Working with teams, I understood that “the work you do with love is the work that no money can buy”, as well as “the joy you receive from a greatly done assignment has no limits” . Even if money still remains an issue, one can easily overpass, at psychological level, this inadvertence of his work, simply because this is not the driving force. The biggest challenge is to find a work that you do love and to be paid accordingly to the love you invest in it. In order to achieve this, one can reach to himself and find out what is the main activity he is truly enjoying, at his deepest level, and is making him to forget the time and the world around. In conclusion, the importance of fulfilling in one’s life it is gaining more importance because this affects, beside his life, the lives of the...
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