doing the inconventient

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Doing the Inconvenient

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Most people know this verse by heart

and the majority were taught to live their life by it and comes from Luke 6:31. This little phrase

is what I view unselfishness to truly mean. At the beginning of this school year I was arrogant

and didn’t treat others how I would want to be treated. I went from living to satisfy the needs of

others to only doing what would benefit myself. I took a trip to Salt Lake City and this

experience taught me what being unselfish truly means. It set a seed within me that has been

ever growing since, especially influenced from school, in particularly English and the books

we’ve been reading. Cyrano de Bergerac, Master Harold and the Boys, and Macbeth are just a

few examples of the literary works that have helped form my view of unselfishness and serving

others. As I read these books, the seed inside me began to grow, and I slowly started to progress

to becoming a man of service. In the rest of this paper I hope to show you the difference between

what you might think is being selfless and what’s truly being unselfish. To be unselfish consists

of doing the inconvenient while sharing the interests of others and listening to what other people

have to say.

In the beginning of my freshmen year I was arrogant and only cared about myself.

Basically anything I did was only to promote my own wellbeing. Even if I helped someone out it

was only to make me feel better about myself or to make me look like I’m better than I really am

to colleges or peers. I was like Macbeth in The Tragedy of Macbeth. Macbeth was very selfish

and he did anything he could to get to power even if it involved murder. I was most like Macbeth

because I too had a conscience and knew right from wrong. But instead of doing the correct

thing I would do whatever would help me the most. The most selfish thing Macbeth did was the

murdering of King Duncan. Macbeth was faced with a barrier between him becoming king or

being less powerful. He did the unthinking and removed the barrier by killing king Duncan so he

would become king. My selfishness wasn’t as severe but an example would be how I did a

couple community service activities but the only reason I did them was to look good for colleges

until my winterum ski trip.

As I said this trip planted the seed to being less selfish but how could skiing

change me like this? It was because I wasn’t just skiing. I was instead volunteering at a place

called the NAC(National Ability Center) where I helped teach a group of “disabled” kids, from a

program called one-step, how to ski. I was first guilt into doing this by my grandfather, who

works as a ski bum at the NAC, when he said that I was becoming very selfish. This was the first

time that someone had really pointed out that I was becoming a very egocentric man. So I agreed

to volunteer for one day. I went into volunteer expecting to be helping mentally retarded kids

attempt to ski down a hill but soon learned that the people I was working with were nothing like

what I thought. Most were my age and were completely normal looking but I knew that they

were different. Most were dying of a disease such as cancer and wanted to do this so they could

feel more normal and forget about what was likely to come. These were the most optimistic

people and sincere people I’ve ever met. And most of all none were selfish. They all helped each

other and none thought they were better than any other. I enjoyed helping this kids so much that

I spent the rest of my entire week volunteering and increasing my relationship with these kids.

The last day I saw these kids was at a banquet made to thank and basically say goodbye to these

kids. This touched me the most because I saw how nice these kids truly were. They spent over

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