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Doing my hair at Cecica Hair Salon and how to get
there – updated 10 Dec
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One thing I learned from Korean culture is to give good fan service – instead of simply recommending Cecica Hair Salon and my stylist Jei to you, I’ve gone a step further to do up a blog entry on how you can get to Cecica

[Psst! They’ve even been featured on KBS on 10
Dec 2014 as one of the top 3 salons in the Sinchon/Ewha area! Scroll to the end to watch the video / get the link]
Now there are tonnes of hair salons located at Sinchon / Ewha Women’s University, so it was by a stroke of luck that I first stumbled upon this salon sometime in 2010. Ever since then, I’ve been going back there to do my hair.

Jei speaks minimal English, so it’s best that you bring photos to show her what you want. What I love about her is that she’s got the whole strict disciplinarian vibe about her, kinda like Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter but with a great fashion sense. She will always recommend you a hairstyle/color/treatment that suits your hair texture/ face / overall fashion sense.

(’s Jei on the left with the bangs and the stern face. haha. scary balls.

( 2011: After my first perm done by Jei.

( 2012: After my second perm by Jei

( 2012: As you can see, in the photo on the left, my hair has deteriorated to epic proportions, but with Jei’s magic hands, voila! I am selca worthy again (on the right)!

( Dec 2012: I wanted to dye my hair but she absolutely refused to do it, cos my hair was too damaged. She insisted on a hair treatment (they call it clinic) and hair cut chop of 4-6 inches. Whining or pouting doesn’t work lol.

( Apr 2013: Koreans have this particular hair treatment called manicure – it has the same meaning as a nail manicure – a coating over the hair strand to help hold the colour pigments better. However, the downside is that the next time you wanna change your hair colour or redye, it’ll be a lot harder for the colour pigments to get through the manicure layer. Since my hair was too porous and damaged from 2 rounds of perming, it didn’t’t hold colour dye pigments that well. I wanted to do the bright red dye + manicure – again, adamant refusal from Jei cos she said that my hair was recovering and I shouldnt do anything to jeapardise it. She did consent to a normal hair dye, the usual hair clinic and some minor trimming though.

How to get there

Take the subway on Line 2 (green line). Alight at Ewha Women’s University. Click on the map to enlarge or to print it out.



Alight the train and take the very long escalators up. This is rare cos Seoul Subway stations somehow seem to hate...
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