Doing Business in China

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Despite the economic developments in major parts of the country, and modern Chinese people’s increasing appetite on adopting western styles of living, China is still a country with a very special character of its own. Most first time visitors to the grand old empire will without doubt find the Chinese mentality, culture, and not forgetting the food, exciting but also challenging and sometimes difficult to cope with.
Considering the many differences between Chinese culture and the "western way to do it," the success of your business efforts in China may very well depend on how well you understand and get along with your Chinese counterparts. Insight in Chinese traditions and habits and careful preparations prior to any important meetings are essential, even for the experienced businessman.
Improved international relations, government reforms, an expanding economy and increased foreign investment make doing business in China a potentially lucrative affair.

Doing business in China means that business people will come into increasingly frequent contact with Chinese business people and officials. It is imperative that those doing business in China learn about areas such business culture, business etiquette, meeting protocol and negotiation techniques in order to maximize the potential of their business trip.

Building Relationships
Relationships in China are very formal. Remember, when doing business you are representing your company so always keep dealings at a professional level. Never become too informal and avoid humor. This is not because the Chinese are humorless but rather jokes may be lost in translation and hence be redundant
When doing business in China establishing a contact to act as an intermediary is important. This brings with it multiple benefits. They can act as a reference, be your interpreter and navigate you through the bureaucracy,

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