Doing Business in Asia

Topics: Business, Culture, Stock exchange Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Doing Business in Asia
Dennet R Watson
INB-300-9574-International Business
February 12,2013
Robert Wengrzyn

Doing Business in Asia

Expansion of businesses into Asia has become popular with a lot of companies. In the article, “US Companies Head to Asia”; the author describes the reason for expansion and the success of several prosperous companies (Basar, 2011). Doing Business in Asia

Anyone interested in doing business in Asia should definitely begin their research by visiting the website The information available gives important details ranging from Banks and Stock Exchanges that are important in business to information on U.S. Government exports (Doing Business in Asia, 2012).

All Asian businesses do not have the same values or attitudes. Culture and business practices vary between Asian countries. Businesses need to learn and adapt the normal practices for the specific area. Ames Gross will look at the cultural differences for doing business in China and Japan (Gross, 1992).

Andrea Kirby discusses the monetary importance of doing business in Asia. Media regulation changes and their effect on American and Asian business relationships. Each Asian Country handles business differently and therefore a clear understanding of the strategies for success is key to a successful business venture in Asia (Kirby, 2002).

There are many risks when doing business in Asia. The biggest risk is that of terrorism. Once should be partnered with a person or company that understands the business cultures and practices. Most companies that do business in Asia should have security measures in place (Piazza, 2006).

There are guidelines for manufacturing in Asia that are very important in understanding how to operate a successful business. There are both government and natural resources that need to be considered. A companies requirements will be reviewed for both positive and negative needs. The cost of doing business is a major factor and must...
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