Doing Better by the Environment

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Doing Better by the Environment

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1. How can the removal of the inner plastic sleeve from Kit Kat Bumper packs be seen as a move towards sustainability? Answer:
Business and environment must go such a way that could bring benefits for both of them. It cannot harm environment’s any element. Even their objective of business must contain a message related to environment concern. NESTLE, the company is working with this type of objective. Nestle launched Kit Kat Bumper without its white plastic sleeve by keeping on mind about environment. Plastic sleeve is always injurious for health. It is used in the packaging of Kit Kat Bumper. From the health perspective, plastic sleeve can leak its toxic chemical to the chocolate that can be the biggest cause of destruction of cells, cancer etc. From the environmental view, plastic sleeves cannot be recycled. Therefore it may harm the environment the most. Definitely, today’s not use of plastic sleeve will help the future environment by lessening wastage, climate change etc. Moreover, it is not re-useable. That creates wastage for the environment. That is why; Nestlé’s step of stopping using plastic sleeve is towards the ‘sustainability’.

2.Why are International Treaties like Rio and Kyoto important in encouraging sustainable business practice? Answer:
Sustainable business practice is the foremost thing for a business. Because they also have responsibility towards the environment which can able to face future needs. To encourage this type of behavior of business, many treaties are made. Many important treaties are made to rise up the matter and make it practicable to the whole world. That is why these types of business treaties are made. On the other hand, today’s world is dependable on the business. Therefore, business must have concern about the environment and its future development. Like Rio and Kyoto treaties, business world needs to know their duties towards the environment. Sometimes business needs to build up some technologies which is against the environment’s health. These treaties remind them about their illegal work. Also it motivates people to research more before start any business and emphasize more on the safe and healthy environment. Moreover, it helps to create skilled business environment. Overall it can be said, all the treaties are needed to shape a business world along with a safe environment.

3. Give one other example of how Nestlé has developed business practice in line with Agenda 21’s seven point plan for business. Answer:

Nestle has developed its business practice in line with Agenda 21’s seven point plan. They have done more works according to the Agenda 21. One example is increase research and development of environmentally sound technologies and environmentally management systems. For important product or process innovation and renovation, Nestlé's research and development centers prepare an environmental impact study. This covers significant aspects in the product life cycle, from the sourcing of raw materials, through processing, to the packaged consumer product and the end-life of the packaging material. This study is carefully evaluated, in conjunction with detailed information on the potential manufacturing site, to ensure that new projects meet Nestlé's environmental standards. As an example, significant progress has been made in recent years in energy...

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