Dogtowns Z-Boys: A New Form of Athletic and Stylistic Expression of Skateboarding

Topics: Lords of Dogtown, Skateboarding / Pages: 3 (590 words) / Published: Nov 26th, 2006
The rise and fall of skateboarding counterculture begins and ends with "Dogtowns'" Z-Boys. A series of events leading to the exploration of a new form of athletic and stylistic expression, and a media outlet inspired a generation of rebellious youth. The fall of this counterculture is due to the media and corporate America expanding skateboarding into a popular middle class medium.
The awesome aggression and style incorporated power, fury, untamed individualism, and a free-spirited determination. This was a manifestation of living in a tough neighborhood bordering Santa Monica and Venice, California. They like all youth in a post industrial-revolution America, had time to explore and rebel against the mainstream views of America. The Z-boys like most of the youth growing up in "Dogtown" chose to surf as a means to define themselves. At the time surfing was not a socially acceptable activity. It was especially angst ridden at the dilapidated Pacific Ocean Park where they surfed. It was an infamous location known for its good surf and tough territorial occupants. The Z-boys having time on their hands and creative insight, realized that a skateboard could be used to surf the concrete in an ever expanding suburban America. The new style of surf skating was invented and more importantly recorded by Craig Stecyk. Craig Stecyk was a photographer and writer who in a series of articles in Skateboard magazine documented what the Z-boys where creating. These articles not only chronicled the innovative exploits but created a counterculture. In a time when skateboarding existed as a non-institution, as a freeform activity, without any promise or future the Z-boys prevailed as Icons. If you skated you did it because you loved it, unlike today where money and fame are motivation.
In a twist of fate it was the money and fame that lured the Z-boys to abandon each other, and the culture of recklessness and rebellion that they created. Some of the Z-boys

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