dogs vs horses for AAT

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Horses Versus Dogs used in AAT.
Horses and Dogs are the top two main animals used in the practice of Animal Assisted Therapy. AAT isn't very known but the people who know of it always have the question of which animal would work better and be safer? Well immediately others would say, "Well duh, the dog would be. Horses are so much larger and pushy and kids could get hurt easier." Although, Horses have to be put through training to work with kids and although the dogs are smaller, they can be easily pushed to do something wrong, like bite.

Horses and dogs have more in common than people think. Like dogs, horses are friendly and love people. When someone goes to an AAT clinic to get the therapy needed, they usually have a choice on which animal they want to work with. The Horses are usually used as strength builders in the legs, stomach and back. Also to regain a form of balance, calmness and patience. Horses can't be bullied into doing something, they have to be persuaded and willing to do something. The dogs are used to strengthen the legs and arms. They don't only help strengthen, but help gain trust, love, and calmness. If someone was to go to an animal mad, frustrated, edgy, the animal can sense it and will act up. The only way to get the animal to act properly is to breathe and calm yourself before trying to interact with the animal.

Just like any two objects, or subjects out there, horses and dogs may have their similarity’s but they also have their differences. There are the basics like; people are scared of horses height so they go to the dog, some are allergic to dog hair. Now, productivity differences between the two animals is a bit more difficult to calculate. Although, there is one larger difference between horses and dogs. Unlike the horses, dogs can live with the human and go everywhere the human does. Most of the therapy dogs get trained to; guide the blind, warn for seizures, strokes, and any other dangerous conditions, they can also be used...
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