Topics: Osmosis, Cell membrane, Bacteria Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: September 14, 2014

Homework 9.
Chapter 7: Constraints on Evolution
Instructions: Please save this file as lastnameHW9.doc, answer the questions and upload the file before the deadline.

1 Define "homeostasis" in your own words.

2 Which of the following factors make it easier for a larger organism to maintain homeostasis? Choose all that apply. a resource reserves are larger
b diffusion proceeds rapidly in gases
c temperature changes more slowly with greater body mass
d generation times are greater in larger organisms
3 Diffusion is
a the flow of particles from one area to another
b the uptake of nutrients or expulsion of waste materials
c the movement of solutes across a semipermiable membrane
d the random movement of individual particles in gases and liquids e the movement of particles from an area of high concentration to one of low concentration 4 Diffusion rates increase with
a increasing body size
b decreasing distance
c increasing temperature
d decreasing concentration
e increasing concentration gradient
5 Osmosis is best defined as
a diffusion of water molecules
b learning through exposure without studying
c diffusion of water molecules over long distances
d decreasing concentration of water over short distances
e diffusion of water molecules across a semipermiable membrane 6 Cell membranes are semipermiable because they
a are inside cell walls that prevent movement of water or solutes b include protein pores that allow passage of particular water-soluble substances c are made of phospholipid bilayers that prevent passage of all water-soluble substances d are made of phospholipid bilayers that allow passage of all lipid-soluble substances e include cytoskeleton attachment points controlling the shape and location of organelles 7. Patients with diabetes have very high glucose concentration in the fluid portion of their blood. What are the osmotic consequences if glucose concentration exceeds cell solute...
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