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Argument Analysis
In his book Hamlet’s Blackberry: Building a Good Life in the Digital Age, author William Powers discusses how we as a society have become too dependent on digital technology, even though it provides many of its conveniences. He uses many different rhetorical appeals, using pathos, ethos, and logos, to convince his readers of the dangers of an over-dependence on technology. For this particular writing, you’ll be discussing some of these appeals that Powers uses. First, you will be choosing one of these topics as the subject of your writing. Powers writes how technology has become a problem to modern society, but how well does he portray (describe) this problem? Discuss specific examples of the kinds of appeals (facts/statements) and sources that Powers uses in his argument that over-dependence on technology could harm our society. Powers uses several writers and philosophers, discussing how they would view these digital conveniences. Choose one of the philosophers he discusses in Book II and discuss how and/or why Powers chooses this particular thinker. Use specific examples of Powers’s and the thinker’s words/ideas to demonstrate the kinds of appeals he uses and why he’s using them. In the final part, Powers discusses taking a sabbatical from being connected, discussing its benefits and the possibilities that arose from being disconnected. Discuss the validity and realities of being disconnected. Has Powers discussed the positives and negatives? How appealing does he make disconnecting sound? Use specific examples from the book of Powers trying to convince his readers of the validity of this solution. Remember to mention specific examples of pathos (a quality that evokes pity or sadness (emotion)), ethos (the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations) , or logos (the effectiveness of its supporting evidence) as you answer your topic’s question(s). Remember to have the basics of an...

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Include in-text/parenthetical citations that discuss specific quotes from the text and integrate them fully.
The first draft is due electronically to Safe-assign (bring two copies to class that day) on October 16th (the day after Fall Break) with the final copy submitted to Safe-assign by October 28th
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