Dog Breeds

Topics: Dog breed, Labrador Retriever, Dog Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: July 28, 2013
Sean Jones

Project 2

Many people think that there breed of dog is the best for family or in general. Most people think that some breed's are worse then others or that that type of breed shouldn't be around children. As a matter of fact some people are just to stub-ern to listen to cold hard facts. Any breed of dog is perfectly fine around children. Its how the dog's up bringing or there personality how is changes the way they are with children. If you take what is suppose to be a perfect family dog which is usually a golden retriever or a lab, everyone thinks that because of there breed they are perfect family dogs. Now say you take a Pit bull and a Rottweiler everyone thinks that those are bad or mean breeds of dogs. The bad breeds get there reputation from mis use of a dog or personality traits. Dogs should be more looked at like humans, they need love, attention, and some one who takes care of them. If you gave every breed of dog that same affection I just explained there wouldn't be any breed that people are afraid of. Just like human's, we are always comparing other races to which one's are bad, rich, poor, and etc. Its a way of life on how we compare things or try to categorize things to try and make it simpler. I believe it makes things worse for everyone. As we let time go on, we can all see that things change if you give them a chance. Look at our society, it seems like it changes every day for the better. I personally think that every breed has there bad seeds, look at our society, people do things off of stupidness or poor raising in there childhood. Its not the breeds fault when they get a bad wrap. No puppy comes out evil, its just the way they are cared for that makes them these monsters and ruins they name or breed.
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