Dog Attack

Topics: Human, Apex predator, Cosmopolitan species Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: November 8, 2012
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Dog Attack

My biggest fear is getting attack by a dog. Some dogs are mean and vicious for no reason and see humans as bait and ready to eat them alive. The first dog that comes to mind when I hear a human being was attacked is a pitbull. Pitbulls are known to turn on their owner and will attack anything in their path. Numerous of people have died from injuries due to dog biting. Dogs have very sharp teeth that go deep down in your flesh and cause so much bleeding. I think of dogs as vampires when they suck down into your skin. When walking down the street in my neighborhood and I see a stray dog with no leash, I instantly turn on the next block or walk the other direction.

Dog attacks happen sometimes out of fear, most humans fear dogs and that’s what dogs scent. Dogs have the ability to smell fear on anybody and see them as fresh meat. So word of advice when face to face with an ferocious pitbull make sure you show no fear and calmly walk the other direction, if he charge at you make a run to the nearest car. Some dogs even attack because they are afraid and attack out of fear, so sometimes attacks can happen the other way around. Every dog is not vicious, but if you seem harmful to them dogs will attack.

Dogs are also protective to their owner. Some dogs are trained to protect their family and yard. So any scent of harmful the dog will do anything to protect its territory. Dogs are not always at fault when hearing about someone getting attacked. Pitbulls are labeled as vicious dogs but that’s the way they are trained to be, “fighting Dogs”. But on the other hand pitbulls are actually good dogs smart, and friendly, but will turn into natural born killers if they feel they are being harmed.

Dogs attack people because they are not properly socialized. Dogs need to be trained to be socialized and learn how to act around humans. That’s why most stray dogs on the streets be the first to attack a...
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