Does a strong democracy need good citizens

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Does a strong democracy need good citizens? Of course a strong demorcracy need good citizens. This is also true for moon colonies. But how many of each good citizens do we need to help this colony to stand erect on this world? The evidence shows a strong colony needs 40%personally responsible citizens, 40%actively participating citizens, and only 20%justice oriented citizens. A colony need personally responsible citizens, they are best worker, and they are friendly. For example, personally responsible citizens at Conewago Valley Intermediate school collected food and to donated it (Doc A). Personally responsible citizens like these are responsible for themselves, they always collect canned food or donate money and something like that. Another reason is, most parents wants their children to be responsible citizen, they want their children think about others. Personally responsible citizens are kind, and they are easy to work with. so my recommendation is have 40% or 400 personally responsible citizens in this colony of 1000. A colony needs actively participating citizens too. I suggest the colony better put 40% or 400 actively participating citizens, because they create opportunities for people work together, and they can help colony to be better. Brady is a board member in many places. Her example shows, actively participating citizens always have good idea. Also “Brady elected alderman for eight years in Evanston, Illinois city council”(Doc B). Her example shows a city needs, actively participating citizens. The colony also needs actively participating citizens who will follow Brady’s example and make the colony strong.        A colony needs Justice Oriented citizen, they are team leader, they could not be omitted. I suggest the colony needs 20% or 200 justice oriented citizens. These citizens are the leaders, and if we have to many leaders, they may have argue, and even divide the colony. But a colony will not operate without them. Example of Cesar...
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