Does Trainspotting Glorify Heroin and Drug Taking?

Topics: Drug addiction, Heroin, Irvine Welsh Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: December 2, 2012

Danny Boyle’s outstanding adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s stunning novel “Trainspotting” has managed to stir some trouble since its release in 1996. Most reviews call it shocking but no matter how shocking it still ranks as one of the best Scottish movies. The film caused debates about drug use, specifically heroin, as it neither condones the use of heroin nor shuns those who have become addicted to the drug.

There are many valid arguments stating that the movie glorifies heroin and other drug usage. Take, for example, during the opening scenes of the movie, Renton (the main character) tells the audience that he wouldn’t choose life, and that he has no reason for this and continues - “who needs reasons when you’ve got heroin?”. He’s telling the audience that life is nothing compared to heroin, he’d rather choose to rot his life away and throw his money away on an illegal, life destroying drug and that he can’t justify it. He’s glorifying heroin by stating that heroin negates any reason for choosing a responsible and safe life. It is clear how people believe that the movie glorifies heroin as this is not the only point in the movie that heroin is said to be better than life. Later on in the opening scenes, Renton lists some of the things you worry about in life (bills, food, football and relationships) but finishes by saying – “all the things that really don’t matter when you have a sincere and truthful junk habit.” This list includes things that are relatively essential to a healthy life – food for the obvious reasons, football or other hobbies so that life isn’t all work and relationships that make people happy and sane. Apparently, however, a junk habit is worth so much more than things that can make humans happy. “Junk”, a word used to describe filth or garbage, is better for your life than food or relationships. This clearly glorifies heroin as it’s taking human needs and saying that heroin is much better...
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