Does this milkshake taste funny?

Topics: Employment, Management, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 4 (1335 words) Published: March 11, 2014

“Does This Milkshake Taste Funny?”

This case study is about a college student, George Stein, whom is home from college and working at Eastern Dairy for the summer. This company manufactured milkshake and ice cream mix for several customers within the metropolitan area. Eastern Dairy was an enticing place to work because it offered twice what the minimum wage rate was and also was unionized. George received the night shift consisting of 6 employees, none of which were official managers or supervisors, and began at 11:00 pm and continued until 7:00 am. George is faced with the ethical dilemma of removing the filters that are causing clogging due to maggots, which then would permit contamination to the milkshake mix. Should George decide to remove all of the filters and run the last 500 gallons remaining in the vats, he will not only save Eastern Dairy money, but he and his coworkers will be able to clean the pipes per protocol and can leave their shift on time. The article insinuates George had a need for this job because of the money it provided him and his want to marry Cathy, as well as his need for social interaction based off the fact he enjoyed spending his free time at the local teenage gathering place, a diner. Because of these facts, George may in fact act unethically. Eastern Dairy has a few issues concerning this particular situation; inadequate management & lacking compliance with health standards and policies. One reason George may act unethically is because Paul- the unofficial leader of the night shift- explained to George how unhappy management would be if they received a visit from the county health department and the night shift had not cleaned up. George is aware from time to time the health department comes by unannounced to conduct health inspections after the night shift has dismantled the pipes and vast and cleaned them out. If George continues to run the pipes and every ten minutes proceeds with the time consuming process...
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