Does the U.S constitution work?

Topics: United States Constitution, Supreme Court of the United States, President of the United States Pages: 2 (849 words) Published: December 10, 2013
Does the U.S constitution work? (45)
The U.S constitution was Americas founding document as it set up there key principles of freedom and democracy. When the founding fathers drew up the constitution their intention was that it would last the course of the U.S history. Many people firmly hold the view that U.S constitution does still work very well today as it restrains the power of government, it is highly adaptable for changing time and allowing power and rights to the states while still allowing the federal government to efficient and productive. However many people believe the U.S constitution has failed as it as many outdated amendments such as the 2nd amendment the right to bear arms. Also many Liberal Democrats argue that it leads to political gridlock much too often. Also on the other side of the coin many Republicans argue that it gives way too much power to government as judicial review for example is in the hands of just 9 Supreme Court justices. The first main strength of the U.S constitution is that it’s ability to adapt for changing America. The first ten amendments for example still are vital in American life as they ensure all Americans the basic rights such as free speech, freedom of religion and the right not be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. These are such vital rights which enable for a free society. Also many amendments are almost inviting for the federal government to interpret them. For example the 16th amendment which allows the federal government to collect income tax it doesn’t state how much income tax to collect and therefore it allows the federal government to decide for itself on what it thinks how much income tax to collect depending on the economic climate. This shows that the U.S constitution can adapt for changing economic times and state of the federal government. Also judicial review enables to federal government to be able to interpret the constitution best suited for that time. For example in 1972 the Supreme...
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