Does the World End Here? It’s the People’s Choice.

Topics: World, Human, Earth, Universe, Global warming, World population / Pages: 4 (982 words) / Published: May 2nd, 2012
The enormous control that people have on the health of the earth has become a major problem. It is the duty the people of every nation to decide on whether they choose to continue with their ways and watch the world crash before their eyes or to do something to prevent the end from coming. “Perhaps the World Ends Here”, by Joy Harjo, exemplifies the relationship between her people, the Native Americans, and the earth. Her poem shows how all societies need the “gifts of earth” (Harjo 548) to survive and yet they have nothing to give back to the earth. Harjo uses a combination of metaphors, allusions, and symbolism to emphasize the fact that people of all ethnicities should realize the impact they are able to have on the earth and how they set the stage for the future generations.
Metaphors are repetitively used to allow there to be multiple interpretations regarding how significant ones actions can transform their country. In the words of prolific writer of songs and poetry, Joy Harjo “the world begins at a kitchen table” (Harjo 548). A kitchen table is usually seen as the center of a household. Then perhaps, Harjo is literally speaking of a kitchen table or the kitchen table may be a representative form of a house, a capitol of a country, or even the heart of a human being. She allows for this wide variety of interpretation due to the fact that if one is willing to change their ways for the better of their country then where they start is their choice. They may start by changing themselves or they may begin by working to change their government. However, if one does not choose to change their ways, Harjo warns “our dreams drink coffee with us as they put their arms around our children” (Harjo 548). Our dreams, what people want their life to be like, will be passed to our children because we haven’t awakened them yet. Just as one might need a cup or two of coffee to function for the day, our dreams require us to act as their coffee and take the effort to make them

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