Does the Way People Look Really Matter?!

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Does the way people look really matter?!
The way you look says a lot about the person you are inside and says more about your luck with others. Whether you support this idea or refute it, it has always been a topic of controversy. If you go out in the street, for example, and ask that question to as many people as you can, you'll get tons of answers, depending on the point of view of the person you are addressing. But what people don't get is that whatever their point of view is, they, most of the time, support this idea.

You look good, you get better treatment. This is the norm people follow everywhere, regardless of your age, gender, or position in life. In a diner, for example, where two people are sitting, one looking good while the other isn't, you'll see that the good-looking person or the "all decked out" person would be served first, even if the other has only ordered bottle of water. How ironical life can be! Not only in a diner would you observe such a thing, but you yourself do it almost all the time without knowing it. When you are walking down the street, for instance, and you come across a person who's dressed up in rags, you'll immediately avoid him just because you think he's either a needy or a thief. What about married men? Why do they sometimes betray their wives or keep lovers? They, most of them, have got married to a woman whom they thought to be beautiful when young but when she's no longer has the looks, they cannot help getting attracted to pretty young ones. All these examples and many others prove that people are mostly treated based on the way they look not the way they are.

Let us also look at teenagers' views. Teenagers go with the fashion and work out in the gyms, just to be able to mingle with other teenagers, and be treated with respect. Any teenager who wouldn't follow the rules of fitness would be considered as a "geek" by other teenagers around him. Even the adults in charge encourage that kind of thinking. In a high...
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